Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So hard to blog but bombarded with recipe requests!

It has been so hard to blog the recipes but it's the blog I get the most requests to keep up with. The hard part is measurements. I don't really measure but it's not a recipe without measurements. Of course photographing the food quickly so everyone can eat it while its hot and/or fresh is important as well....that's just an excuse. My family takes pictures of food we eat at restaurants, funny looking vegetables, dinners that came out great and special occasion meals. I probably have more photos of food than children.

The biggest reason I have to keep up with the blog is that it keeps alive the memory of a friend who encouraged me in the first place...
carol ringold
Carol Ringold is a friend who loved to cook and had as much fun digging around the internet for interesting cooking techniques, pretty gardens and houses as I did. Today I am going to direct you to a favorite site she shared with me when I was looking for the ultimate pizza dough recipe. breadtopia.com It had the ultimate pizza dough recipes I was looking for and the secrets to making your own starter as well as a variety of delicious breads, techniques, videos and tips on bread. I was sad that her husband threw out her starter when she died but what was he going to do with it? It took her almost a year to finally perfect her starter. I gave up but my hope is renewed when I found about a new fancy breadmaker that makes starter sourdough. We'll see.