Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Note About Chocolate

In the Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding recipe, I used chocolate chips. But when I have time to shop on the other end of town, I go to "Fresh and Easy" and I buy Scharffenberger bittersweet chocolate. I use it in my recipes and add organic sugar to sweeten. The good stuff gives a delicious chocolate-y richness and depth of flavor the supermarket brands just can't match. I found the Scharffenberger chocolate after a desperate search to replace the Jacques Torres chocolate I had used up. I hauled several bags of Jacques Torres chocolate home from New York ( an extra suitcase is always required to bring home food delicacies I can't find at home) and I tried to make it last...but hey, chocolate cravings come a callin' and I like to share my chocolate passions with my friends and family. I love Scharffenberger just as much as Jacques Torres chocolate in my recipes. I had a lot of fun trying different chocolates out. I could have bought a pair of designer shoes with what I spent...including the red wine to pair with the chocolate.

I went on a no white sugar, no white flour, no processed food vegetarian diet last year and was craving something sweet (even losing sleep over the craving). Stevia does not work to fill the need for sweets, it just irritated me that it even existed. So I drove an hour away to the fancy healthy food store and bought some expensive, Amazon forest organic unsweetened chocolate. I melted it over fat curls of unsweetened coconut with some crushed almonds with just the smallest bit of the hated stevia. Well, let me tell you, this guilt free treat is so wonderful, I enjoy it to this day. But I use the Scharffen Berger chocolate now.

Try your favorite recipe with a really good chocolate. Savor the deliciousness, the depth of flavor, the aroma...with your favorite red wine, of course!

What's your favorite chocolate for baking? Email me at with your favorite recipes and I will be happy to try them out, take some nice pictures and give you credit!

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  1. I need the salad recipe and some type of red sauce italian recipe for a large crowd. Please share with me for my son's wedding! Thanks from Denicia